Bulgarian Translation and Interpreting Services

The Bulgarian language, a Slavic language closely linked to Macedonian, is the native language of 9.1 million people across Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries. It has two main dialects: Eastern and Western.

Express Language Solutions translators and interpreters (3500+) are trained to deal with variations in dialect. They are qualified and experienced linguists in a range of specialist areas, together catering for over 150 languages. We provide language services to thepublic,private and voluntary sectors.

Our Bulgarian specialist medical interpreters and translators have previously interpreted for, as well as translated medical notes for the NHS, the legal profession and the business community. Examples of past projects include interpreting during medico-legal appointments, as well as translation of medico-legal reports, marketing material, technical manuals, business cards, business correspondence and websites.

Our team are available on a 24/7 basis to cater for your Bulgariantranslation and interpreting needs. Get in touch with a member of staff on +44 (0)161 737 2970 or at info@expresslanguagesolutions.com, who will be happy to assist you.