Language & Culture Consultancy Services for Export

Express Language Solutions offer language and culture consultancy services to training providers who export overseas, in excess of 120 languages, in order to maximize the impact of training programmes. We like to think of it as a hand-holding service for novice and more experienced exporters alike. We manage the whole process from start to finish:

The ELS Project Management Cycle for Training Providers

Depending on our clients’ individual needs and requirements, we create a tailor-made support package incorporating the necessary elements of the above diagram.


There are a number of benefits which training providers enjoy by cooperating with Express Language Solutions’ language & culture consultancy service, such as:

  1. Culturally-adapted Courses - we accompany the training providers to the country(ies) concerned, advising them on local culture. The benefit of this service is twofold. Firstly, the training providers apply the cultural knowledge acquired to their training courses and as such, their training courses become culture specific. Secondly, the trainees assimilate the course easier and the success rate increases as a result. Higher success rates add gravitas to the training providers and consequently give them a more competitive edge.
  2. Translation of Training Courses - we translate training courses (either in document format or online), which enables trainees to access the material in their native language. Furthermore, our experience proves that translators enhance the training material by requesting clarification for any ambiguous details so that the translation of the training course is both linguistically and culturally correct.
  3. Flexibility - once we have translated the training course, it is easier to have it delivered, as the trainees are able to follow the course/slides/handouts in their own language(s) at their leisure, and without disturbing their daily obligations.
  4. Increased Participation - thanks to the fact that the trainees follow the course in their own language, it makes it easier for them to assimilate the information, which leads to greater participation during the learning process and thus a greater impact of the training programme.
  5. Glossary Compilation - the translator puts together a list of terms which have been agreed with the trainer. The glossary is then shared amongst all parties. This additional service is useful, as it provides consistency and transparency. The glossary is then updated as the training programme is modified.
  6. Added Value - in addition to having the training material translated, it is advisable to employ the services of one of our interpreters during the delivery of training courses. The trainer delivers a piece of information, which is subsequently interpreted into the corresponding language of the trainees. Normally, this is a lengthy process, as the interpreter requires preparation time in order to research specialist terms. However, the glossary saves the interpreter time, and the end result saves the training providers both time and money.
  7. Cultural Advice - having an interpreter present during the delivery of the course proves to be very beneficial to the trainer, as they will also act as a cultural consultant. The interpreter will offer cultural advice, taking into account the body language and comments of the trainees and interpreting it for the benefit of the trainer. This, in turn, will provide invaluable knowledge to the trainer so that the course is adapted accordingly in order to make it more impactful.
  8. Translation of Coursework and Feedback - If your training programme incorporates coursework, we will translate it from the language of the programme back into whichever language you require. Similarly, we will translate any written feedback or interpret feedback orally so that you become aware of how the programme was perceived by the trainees.
  9. Full and Comprehensive Service - collaboration with Express Language Solutions’ language and culture consultancy service gives peace of mind to training providers, as they receive cultural and linguistic support from start to finish. We offer project management support for assistance at all stages, and training providers can rest assured that all aspects of the programme have been fully adapted to the specific needs of the trainees.
  10. Ongoing Support - over time, your training programmes may need to adapt or expand. Our linguists will be familiar with your project, and can therefore save you time and money if you wish to amend any element of the training. Furthermore, we will continue to assist you with any telephone and business correspondence with your overseas counterparts.

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