Kurdish Translation and Interpreting Services

Express Language Solutions is a specialist in locating the perfect Kurdish translator or interpreter to meet your language needs, whatever the nature of your project. We have translators and interpreters for all of the main Kurdish dialects.

When speaking about Kurdish, we refer to the umbrella term used for the multiple dialects spoken across Kurdistan, an area which encompasses parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.

There are two main regional standards in Kurdish: Sorani and Kumanji, although they are not mutually understood. Other dialects include Gorani, Zazaki, Shabaki, Bhadini etc. This is why when choosing a Kurdish translator or interpreter, it is important to know which main dialect is used by the Kurdish speaker. We will then endeavour to allocate an interpreter who speaks the same dialect from out network of over 3,500 linguists.

Our Kurdish translators and interpreters have a vast experience working across the public, private and voluntary sectors. They assist our clients with asylum cases, core assessments for social services, legal appointments, housing license agreements and translation of various documents, including business correspondence, marketing material, manuals and training courses to name but a few examples. All of our Kurdish translators and interpreters are certified and experienced in their field.

So if you need a Kurdish translator or interpreter, feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0) 161 737 2970 or send us an e-mail atinfo@expresslanguagesolutions.com. We also offer our services in 150 other languages.