Nepalese Translation and Interpreting Services

Nepali or Nepalese is the official language in Nepal and in some areas of India. It is also spoken in Bhutan and parts of Burma. It is estimated that there are around 13.9 million native speakers.

Express Language Solutions has a team of over 3500+ experienced linguists, covering in excess of 150 languages including Nepalese, who specialise in a many different subject matters. We extend our services to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Express Language Solutions is pleased to offer specialistmedical interpreting services, as many of our Nepalese interpreters are also practising medical professionals. We additionally have interpreters that specialise in legal interpreting, education, immigration & asylum and housing. Some of our interpreters have also assisted our clients with interpreting during induction courses into the British Culture.

Further, we provide Nepalese translation services, catering for an array of subject areas, such as marriage certificates, medical notes, private and business correspondence, medico-legal reports, marketing material - to name but a few. These types of translations can equally be certified if the client so wishes – just advise us about your need for this additional service at the time of booking.

If you require an experienced Nepalese translator or interpreter, you can contact a member of our team on +44 (0)161 737 2970 or at and we will endeavour to assist you with your language needs.