Urdu Translation and Interpreting Services

Urdu has official language status in Pakistan and India. It is spoken by around 60-70 million native speakers. Within Express Language Solutions’ team of 3500+ accredited linguists, we work with experienced Urdu translators and interpreters that specialise in a variety of subject areas. We cater our linguists’ specialist skills to the varying needs of the publicprivate and voluntary sectors in excess of 150 languages.

Our highly qualified Urdu interpreters provide their services to an array of different sectors, such as education (parenting courses and meetings, registration at children’s centres and schools), social services, law (personal injury interviews, court interpreting, police interviews and insurance claims), health (GP appointments, home visits, midwife/ante-natal visits, dental and hospital appointments), employment (job centre interviews and training) and housing (homelessness advice and licensing agreements).

Our experienced Urdu translators also translate a wide range of documents and online material for our clients, from ID cards, marriage contracts and certificates, trade receipts etc. to online training courses. ELS has also offered its Urdu transcription services to the legal profession whereby audio files have been transcribed, translated and finally compared with the original police transcripts. Following transcription, ELS transcribers have attended Crown Court hearings to act as expert witnesses in the corresponding cases.

If you require an experienced translator or interpreter, a member of our team at Express Language Solutions will be happy to assist you with your Urdu language needs any time of the day, any day of the week on +44 (0)161 737 2970 or at info@expresslanguagesolutions.com.