Vietnamese Translation and Interpreting Services

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, where it is spoken by about 86% of the population. Vietnamese is also spoken by around 3 million people around the world. There are four regional varieties of Vietnamese: Northern, North-Central, Central and Southern. However, they are all mutually intelligible.

Express Language Solutions works with a team of 3500+ accredited linguists, including experienced Vietnamese translators and interpreters that specialise in a variety of subject areas, such as law (solicitor appointments, courts, appointments with probation officers, police interviews and prison visits), education (school meetings, school registration and child assessments), social services, health (GP and dental appointments, GP registration and hospital appointments), housing (appointments with housing officers, licence agreements, job centre interviews) and international trade.

Our Vietnamese translators also cater for our clients' document translation needs, ranging from marriage certificates, promotional and marketing material to business cards and correspondence. We match our linguists' specialist skills to the varying needs of the public, private and voluntary sectors in excess of 150 + languages.

So, if you require an experienced Vietnamese translator or interpreter, a dedicated project manager at Express Language Solutions will be happy to assist you any time of the day, any day of the week on +44 (0)161 737 2970 or at